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Grace Akinlolu

I feel that we all have a chance to make the world a little better. For my contribution, I am passionate about increasing access to mental health care. I enjoy and helping all clients, but especially women, feel empowered. 

About Grace

  • School: Grace is a Doctoral Level pre-licensed professional attending The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she is pursuing her Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). Ms. Akinlolu received her bachelor’s in Psychology from Rutgers University with a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience. Passionate about understanding the early roots of psychopathology, she completed a research assistantship in a developmental psychology lab. In this research setting, she examined attention and the cognitive components of temperament. As an avid researcher, she has also contributed to the Well-Being lab and helped evaluate core components of individuals’ well-being and happiness.
  • Research: Drawn to diverse populations, Ms. Akinlolu has worked with children and adolescents in a myriad of settings. Her clinical interests include working with individuals struggling with mood disorders, identity and relationship challenges, and a history of trauma. She has a keen interest in teenage experiences, motherhood and mental health. As a clinician, she is always seeking to help females overcome difficult life transitions, anxiety, and depression. 
  • Why She Joined SENS: Grace was drawn to working at SENS because she loves innovation and is passionate about social justice. She will be working to provide sliding-scale and accessible therapy to diverse populations of adolescents and adults, under the supervision of Dr. Britt and Dr. Budreau. Her long-term career goals include bringing evidenced-based mental healthcare and awareness to underserved populations, including Nigeria, where she has roots.
  • Why You’ll Love Her: Before coming to SENS, Grace worked in a private practice setting seeing clients for comprehensive psychological evaluations. She is trained in theoretical approaches using cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic and solution-based frameworks. Ms. Akinlolu sees individuals from all backgrounds experiencing a range of psychological and emotional difficulties. She believes in affirming individuals who are hoping to live authentic and fulfilling lives. 
  • French Fries or Onion Rings: French Fries!!!