Melissa Roybal

Melissa Roybal

My best advice is take care of yourself and others (when you can), spend time outside, and read good books.

About Melissa

  • School: Melissa Roybal is a rising senior at Vassar College where she studies psychological science. Interested in the intersection between clinical and developmental psychology, Melissa has taken it upon herself to combine classes offered by her school and independent study to gain the deepest understanding possible of these topics. While not a neuroscience student, she believes that understanding the neurobiological processes that contribute to psychological concepts is critical.
  • Research: While attending Oxford University for study abroad, she investigated early indicators and possible intervention methods for those affected by childhood trauma. Melissa has acted as a research associate in a lab which investigated the effects of enriched environment on astrocyte density and structure. She also writes for her school’s chapter of Grey Matters, a magazine committed to making neuroscience accessible.
  • Why She Joined SENS: Melissa was drawn to SENS for its commitment to research and authenticity. Finding a practice that was committed to understanding and applying the newest findings of clinical psychology was of high importance for her. Melissa’s position as an intern gives her the unique opportunity to experience the intricacies of a private practice psychology office, for which she is very grateful.
  • Why You’ll Love Her: Alongside her academic endeavors, Melissa is an avid reader, hiker, and coffee enjoyer. Ms. Roybal is planning to attend graduate school where she will pursue a PhD in clinical psychology. After spending some time in academia and research, she would like to open a private practice to focus on low income and marginalized adolescent populations.
  • French Fries or Onion Rings: French Fries!!!