Our Community

It’s not just you, it’s a community

We help people as committed as you are to navigate the post-pandemic world. Together, we cultivate meaningful lives based on our values, not those defined by society or past experiences.

It’s not just you, it’s a community

We help people as committed as you are to navigate the post-pandemic world. Together, we cultivate meaningful lives based on our values, not those defined by society or past experiences.

You Found Us

In the seemingly infinite wilderness of the world wide web and the disorienting mysteriousness of this new experience we’re all living through, it can be easy to feel lost. But somehow, here you are, and so are we. Take a break from your searching: we have found each other.

SENS is happy to announce that we are building a new sister site, Yonder, to provide a wealth of resources for connection and self-improvement. These will include courses, workshops, support groups, book & movie clubs, and much more. Right now we are pre-registering before our Fall 2022 launch, which means you have access to unbelievable discounts of up to 90% off for signing up now!

    You May Have Noticed It’s Getting Harder to…

    …connect with people where you are.
    …feel like you have the same values as you did pre-pandemic.
    …understand how to manage increased uncertainty and unpredictability.
    …explain exactly what it is that you feel or need.

    We’ve made it easier.

    How Important is it for you to Feel Better?

    We all invest in memberships that align with our values. We value physical health, so we may have a membership at our favorite gym (like, say, Orange Theory wink), or an exercise bike (Peloton!) subscription, or even a regular pass at a local spinning or yoga studio. We may even value maintaining a polished appearance and schedule regular appointments at the nail or hair salon.

    Why do we do these things, have these memberships? We have them, because (let’s be honest) not only do they make us feel good, they hold us accountable! They help us to regularly do things we may otherwise have all the good intentions in the world to do, but never get around to (no judgment, we promise!).

    So why don’t we spend more time doing these things for our mental health?

    It’s easy to aspire to improve one’s thinking and make real behavioral changes, but frankly, even easier to put it off.

    And unlike the added pounds or decreased stamina that quickly start to motivate us to race right back to the gym, mental health needs and the impact of ignoring them are much, much more subtle. We may be able to hide them and shove them down to just get through the day. Or, maybe we think investing in them is a self-indulgence we will get to after we meet the needs of our work or family.

    Wondering how you can fit one more thing into your busy schedule. (hint, maybe that’s part of what’s causing your stress in the first place). We coach you on mircohabits, little small things you can do every day. Wondering what a microhabit is?

    In fact, once we get to a low, or even mediocre, place—we almost start to accept that being there is our inevitable life sentence, which is thankfully SO not true!

    If you are ready to meet a group of people who are truly committed to living a better life, being more thoughtful in their choices, and actually have the lived experiences to provide empathy, support, and guidance to their peers, introduce yourself!

    Who we are? A group of people who:

    • Are curious about the brain works
    • Truly value mental health
    • Crave a more peaceful life, but have a brain that seems to prefer the agitation cycle
    • Are passionate about finding things that work, whether that be from Eastern Religion or neuroscience
    • Want to be more thoughtful about their lives
    • Enjoy learning the why about human behaviors

    If this is you—Welcome!

    Together, when you join our community, you will find:

    • A group of just right friends, not too negative, but not so glib that everything comes easily to them
    • Discussions that foster a better understanding of the human brain
    • Regular actionable tips. Yes, talking is great, but what we do actually need to change matters too
    • A safe place to discuss psychology issues with people who are just as curious and committed as you are (finally!)
    • Advice, tasks, and information based on the latest neuroscience and curated by two Doctorate-level psychologists and guided by the premises of our founder, Dr. Britt

    Join us.

    A comfortable space

    Show your true self without the fear of judgement. Our community is excited to meet you.

    book club

    Reading is one of the most restorative activities. Add some social time and interesting analysis, and it’s even better!

    movie night

    A little fun and a lot thought-provoking. Come watch with us!


    When work gets you down, you don’t have to keep trudging through it alone. In order to live well, everything matters – don’t let work dominate.

    connecting with others

    Sometimes you just need to get our of your head. More people are having the same experience than you realize.  We need each other!

    Student & Grad Student Support GROUP

    When you just want to get your degree or finish your residency, but life keeps throwing your curveballs – we are here for you!

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